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Design Strategy
Exploring the future of wearable technology in fitness. 
USC Industry Lab 


Design Strategist


Figma, Adobe Suite


October 2021 - December 2021



Iris Leung, Adrian Guerrero, Dylan Wan, &  Eunice Jonson

Research on the future of wearable technology


During the Fall of 2021, I was a Design Strategist for Samsung. Through my Master's Program, we are able to work with real-life companies to develop future solutions for their brand. With my team, we developed and researched potential solutions for the future of wearable technology. Unfortunately, I can't share all the details of everything I worked on but would be more than happy to individually present my work. Please contact me for an in-depth overview at:

What did I help make?


A wearable solution that would help users exercise while preventing injury.

Problem Statement

Within all levels of fitness exists potential for injury. While preventing individuals from conducting fitness activity, past and possible injury discourages users from attempting any activity.

There is an opportunity to create a wearable product that reduces users’ risk of getting injured during workouts by facilitating their warm-up and cool-down processes, offering support to one’s body joints, and even correcting people’s exercise postures.

What's Next?
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