S'More Date

S'more Date is a next-gen dating app that prioritizes personal attributes over physical attraction.

Design Intern - Motion Graphics - Graphic Design - UI Design


S'More Date focuses on creating connections based on personal attributes rather than physical attraction. The more you like the attributes of one of your matches, the more their photos will unblur. As a design intern, I focus on creating ways in which to make the in-app design more interactive before you see a potential match's face. 

In-app Usage

I approached many of the icon buttons by paying attention to theme and identity. Most of what a potential user sees is just a row of attribute icons. The buttons are an important part of the app that is designed to engage the user through design and color.

Another task I was given was figuring out how the buttons were to react with each user. Though we started with "winks" we found that the concept was too unfamiliar for most users. My job was to find a way to incorporate "likes" and figuring out tap animation. 

Motion Graphics and Social Media Design

At S'More, I am grateful that I get the freedom to work on many different projects! Some other projects I get to work on include creating the new app store video, social media posts, illustrations, and GIFs. I love being able to contribute my different talents to a small and dedicated team. 

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