Melonsquare Studios

Melonsquare Studios is my personal shop and brand. I manage all the designs, merchandising, events

Design - Illustration - Graphic Design - Merchandising


Melonsquare Studios is Erin’s passion project that includes both her work in animation and illustration. Over the last three years, Erin has toured with Melonsquare at conventions all over the country promoting her original illustrated merchandise.

Branding and Events

When she is not working professionally, she spends her time expanding her brand. Erin’s art is full of warm colors, animated characters, fantastical creatures, and creative mini-worlds. Her style is backed by her skills in animation and her passion for children's illustration. 

Melonsquare Studios stocks her adorable art as keychains, prints, stickers, and the very popular Good Dog Tarot Deck. Most of her merchandise is brought with her to conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con, FanX, Anime Expo, and Megacon.

Products and Design

Apart from traveling to shows, Erin plans to develop a new brand called Lulu Fantastic and continue creating more designs for her brand. She is also working on the second launch of her tarot deck and has just achieved her Kickstarter campaign. You can find her full shop by clicking the button below.  

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